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An important objective of Parkinson's ZA is to build a community so that  People with Parkinson's know that they are not alone. There are a number of inspirational People with Parkinson's who make an effort to share their experiences. Thanks to the information age we live in, these stories are easily accessible. We have collected a few and will continue to share them below. Hopefully it inspires you to THRIVE with Parkinson's, and to share your experience with us.

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Meet the Exquisite Warriors

Exquisite Warriors celebrates 26 women battling PD with grace and dignity. This limited-edition artist book is an “exquisite corpse” structure — an interactive children’s book that was once a Surrealist game where the pages are split into body parts. In turning the pages the viewer changes the visual sequence of the body, creating a variety of permutations of heads, torsos and legs. As if we could swap out our own body parts when they fail us.

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